1904 – 1945 Lederpappenfabrik Tarnowker Muhle O.K.

The original name of the factory is derived from the name of an old mill built in the eighteenth century, i.e. Tarnowski Mill (Tarnowskie Muhle). There are however no evidence whether the Mill was used for grounding of corn or producing paper pulp. According to the annals of German Construction Company, the construction of the factory started in 1914 by setting FRANCIS type hydraulic turbine (the assumptions of this construction come from 1908) and construction of a hydroelectric dam on the river Gwda.


The first owner of the factory Otto HUHNEMANUS in his investment assumptions devised that the production of the factory should focus on wood pulp from pinewood, which occurred in 1918 and the launch of cardboard machines for the production of brown cardboard from pinewood with addition of 20% of recycled paper. Production on an industrial scale was launched in 1920. The plant produced a variety of cardboard and paper products without stop until January 1945. Due to military actions during World War II during liberation of Poland by Polish Army in February 1945 the factory was completely burned.


1956-1966 Cardboard factory in Tarnówka PP Tarnówka

In mid-1945 in Poznan, as a result of a decree of the Minister of Chemical Industry a company under the name of Poznań Paper Factories was established. Part of this company was cardboard factory in Tarnówka. Under this company, the plant operated until 1955. The process of expansion of the factory in Tarnówka was undertaken several times between 1960 and 1970. The expansion of the plant relied on the establishment of additional activities – i.e. creation of a processing unit for packaging from products originated in the plant. This concept was implemented in the late 70s where a processing entity named Wholesale Packaging Company was created, managed by its own management. From 1956 to 1989 the plant was working independently adopting the name of Cardboard Factory in Tarnówka PP. The time of transition during 1989 and 1992 as well as lack of orders left the cardboard factory in Tarnówka PP in bankruptcy.


In January 1992 a private investor who restarted the operations of the plant purchased the factory. The new owner invested in the factory, a production hall was built for two lines, a new line for production of thick cardboard (up to 3000 g/m2) was installed, as well as a new water treatment plant was constructed. However, in 2003 the factory was again in bankruptcy, which lasted for nearly 2 years.


Company WARKOM

In 2005 the company was acquired by WARKOM. The new owner stressed the importance of quality of manufactured cardboard and modernization of the plant, which allowed the company to produce a wide range of cardboard types, i.e. coloured cardboard.


In 2005 the company Warkom merged with petrochemical products company WARTER.